Events for Entrepreneurs/ Artists/ Business owners


Grow your Business Retreat – Create and expand into more than you can imagine  

Are you an entrepreneur or a business owner and you feel you are not where you would like to be or you are not sure what the next steps are or how to get there? Do you feel something is blocking you from stepping into your full potential in your business or your professional life? If you answered yes at one of this questions this opportunity is for you. Come for a 2 days retreat to understand, learn and release what is blocking you to step into the greatest expression of who you want to be and what you want to bring to the world. What if you could work from a place of abundance, playfulness, freedom and easiness? and without needing to sacrifice your personal life or fall into burnout ? By combining, Holistic Life Coaching Tools, Somatic and  NeuroExperiential Practices, Expressive Art Therapy and Creative Journaling we will be focusing and orienting to Possibility, Growth & Expansion.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list for this retreat that will take place online/in person.

Retreat – Trust your Gut Feeling and Live your best life

This  3 days retreat is for artists, entrepreneurs, leaders. This is for you if you want to be the Artist of your Life.

This is a personal and group emersion retreat that is aiming help you deepen your relationship with your creative self. It allows to create the possibility for expansion and growth, release blocks and limiting beliefs, live in a state of joy and peace, and finally live the life you really want. Imagine this is possible, and not only possible but it is your new reality! Not only having clarity about your dreams but finally achieve those dreams. This intensive program is for people who are ready to live a full and complete life, who want to find their purpose, live their life from an abundant and flow state. . You can be the Artist of your own Life! Do you Dare to Believe and Try?

Retreat The Garden 

In this 3 hours educational and experiential retreat we will use flowers and important objects for you to make a composition of a sacred space or the garden you like. Participants are encouraged to bring the objects they want to place in their garden and they can bring their own containers./vases for the flowers. They  will be guided through a group mindfulness experience to enhance wellbeing, find inner balance and align with their true Self. Participants will take home they flower decorations. This workshop uses an approach of flower therapy and bouquets composition, nature based interventions and Body  Brain based Restoration and Breath work.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list for this retreat that will take place online/in person.