Events for Therapists, Coaches and Health Practitioners



Group Consultation – Lunch and Learn with a Brainspotting Expert  – Online 

Join BSP experts Lisa Larson, Paige Roberts, Monika Baumann, and many others to learn, ask question and connect. Stating on Jan 29, 2024, and registration by  Jan 15, 2024 for all 8 meetings and pay only for 7.

Each meeting will be from 12-1:15 pm PST

Please see below the schedule: 
Paige Roberts 29-Jan Pain, Injuries, Body BSP, Performance and flow states
Lisa Larson 26-Feb Performance anxiety, fear, shame and BSP
Monika Baumann 25-Mar BSP with children/ preverbal clients
Carolyn Quinn Robistow 29-Apr BSP and Drinking Habits
Stephanie Neuman 24-Jun BSP and Wight Loss
Jen Delaney 30-Sep Attachment, Love & Brainspotting
Keisha Ward 28-Oct grief and BSP
Glenda Villamarin 25-Nov  BSP with Groups

Group BSP Practice  – NeuroExperiential & Spiritual Embodied Practice Online

This group meets once a month and is a spiritual practice using Brainspotting to expand into feeling aligned and balanced. This transformative practice uses a neuroexperiential model of healing and expansion. which uses an open frame that encompasses all historical and present-day healing wisdom, Indigenous wisdom and healing practices. Neuro refers to the nervous system, the neurobiology, the brain and the body . Experiential pertains to the sensory world that which arises to and resides within our conscious awareness.
Why this class ?
“[f]or the pursuit of truth,
for the alleviation of suffering,
and for the transformation of the world.”
(Amos Yong)

Meetings are monthly for 75 min

Topics will be oppression, healing the collective trauma, creativity, joy and wonder, time and space, peace,  self-worth and impostor syndrome,

Group Consultation – BSP with more than one client – 8 group consultations- Online 

This is an opportunity to explore and consult on using BSP with more than one client, with couples, families, and groups. The is a closed group that runs from Oct to May, once a month the 2nd Tuesday of the month. This year it will be starting on Oct 8, 2024 at 9 am PST. As we will do also experiential group BSP, participants need to register for all 8 meetings.

Personal and Group Expansion Practice – Restore the Inner Beauty – Online  (total of 8 hours)

To restore means to” give back” something that was stolen or lost, “to build up again, repair,  renew, re-establish, set firm again, and when one thinks about the complexity of restoring a work of art, which involves getting really close to the ugly, the decay, this is how sometimes we need to approach those dark parts of our life to find true and lasting healing. So I created this intensive BSP online event for therapists – Restore the Inner Beauty – to allow 8 hours of deep intensive BSP personnel work and Group Expansion. In this intensive practice the goal is to release stress related to your work and clear Limbic counter transference, reset  and balance the nervous system to come back and live your life from a place of balance and harmony. We will use individual and group BSP on topics like financial scarcity and fees, a sustainable business model, health and wellbeing, creativity and flow.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list for this deep and intensive personal and group practice.

Personal and Group BSP practice – Brainspotting for the Artist in You

This is a personal and group emersion practice to deepen your relationship with your creative self and takes place over 7 weeks. It allows to create the possibility for expansion and growth, release blocks and limiting beliefs, live in a state of joy and peace, and finally live the life you really want. Imagine this is possible, and not only possible but it is your new reality! Not only having clarity about your dreams but finally achieve those dreams. This intensive program is for people who are ready to live a full and complete life, who want to find their purpose, live their life from an abundant and flow state. Session 1 is about HERE and NOW (choosing your intention), Session 2 is about the WHY (identifying and releasing the things that don’t serve you), session 3 and 4 are about WHAT (creating the life you hoped or imagined), session 5 is about HOW  (creating and anchoring you in the state of being that allows you to reach your goal), session 6 is about HOW (completing and finally reaching your goal, your vision and session 7 is about integration and sustainability that you can be in the 3% of people that have their goals achieved and have those results sustained. You can be the Artist of your own Life! Do you Dare to Believe and Try? We will be using Group Brainspotting, Creative Journaling and creative writing.

Workshop – The cost of self-abandonment: BSP and how to deepen Relational and Neurobiological Attunement – Online

We will learn and explore concepts like the art of attunement, limbic resonance and limbic regulation, Limbic countertransference, parallel and dual processing, limbic attunement, find confidence in case conceptualization and the frame in BSP, flowing in the tail of the comet versus staying in the tail of the comet. Participants will be able to learn and experiment 7 ways of aligning with their True Self and work and live from a divine, empowered and connected space. Learn how to align with your true calling to facilitate healing and growth.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list for this workshop

Retreat – Just BEHOLD & Be HELD-  Online 

Do you feel tired, exhausted, or burn-out? Do you need a break to simply BE, and COME back to a place of Rest, Wonder, Peace, Joy and Playfulness? Or maybe you need to give yourself an intensive healing experience to restore trust and connection with yourself and others. Offer yourself the GIFT being held and supported by spending 2 days to release, restore, heal, dream,  and expand into new possibilities. This retreat is both educational and experiential. By integrating Somatic and NeuroExperiential Practices,,  Movement, Music & expressive Arts Therapy and Creative Journaling we will release stress, reset the nervous system, align with your true self, step into your power in order to facilitate healing and growth. Number of participants is limited. Please contact us if you want to be on the waiting list for this retreat.

Please contact us if you would like to be on the waiting list for this retreat


BSP and Spirituality Online Peer Support Group 

This is a 90 min monthly online group, where BSP practitioners meet together to create a Healing community /group support,  Learn and share about the use of BSP and Spirituality  to practice together and experience  NeuroExperiential Embodied learning and healing Group Practices and to expand into new possibilities by using BSP, Creative journaling, Movement and Expressive Art Therapy.  This group is now closed, no more participants are accepted. If you are interested to attend to a similar group please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

BSP Group Expansion 2.0 online

Deep and Intensive BSP Group Expansion
Example of Themes: Release and Reclaim, Creative Healing, Business creative flow, creative nature walk and sacred space, hope for more than you can imagine, magic and flow of life, flying without wings, heart and soul, authentic and safe, the shadows in my life, baby’s eyes.
Min 5 -max 10 participants
meetings of 90 min each starting