Rapid Recovery Group Programs

Hope and Healing – Intensive and Holistic 8 weeks Program

Are you struggling with an autoimmune or chronic condition? Do you believe there must be a better way or another way of healing but you are not sure how to get there? Are you tired of using only an approach that focuses on symptoms?  Do you want a flow in your experience of healing ? Do you want to get your life back and unwrap the gift of accelerated healing?

If you  live with a chronic condition you have probably also been experiencing a sense of fragmentation and loneliness and the trauma of seeking for a diagnostic or searching for the right treatment or method that can support your heading. You might feel lonely on your journey, but I want you to know you are not alone and you can heal. Heling is possible!!

Join us for this intensive coaching program to heal individually and as a community. This transformative program uses a neuroexperiential model of healing and expansion. Orienting to Possibility, Healing, & Expansion allows a permanent, positive, neuroplastic change that results in the client’s sense of well-being and improved functioning in relation to others and in the world.

This is a comprehensive and holistic program, that focuses on possibilities for healing, and allows to restore Hope and Faith in your body’s ability to heal. It has been developed by the joined efforts and expertise of a certified holistic life coach, psychologist, functional medicine nutritionist and somatic movement and dance specialist. This program is about a systemic approach and integrates a holistic method that honors  body, mind, heart and spirit.

What is included in the program :

  • Closed group, limited to 10 participants
  • eight week long journey, focusing on the 7 stages of transformation for health and well-being and the 12 pillars of recovery
  • 1 on 1 coaching for Individualized initial assessment and personalized plan
  • Group exercises that target what’s blocking you in the natural flow of life and your healing journey
  • Weekly meetings to keep you motivated and supported
  • Expert instruction on how to use Self-Brainspotting and Dual BSP Processing with a peer to work between group sessions and keeping you accountable to your goals, cope with relapses and helps you stay accountable and reach your goals.
  • Workbook/journal with Exercises and prompts
  • Online private group with accountability check-ins & Peer support
  • 3 Free bonus practices

Why joining this program? If you want to get from fear to faith, to hope for more than you can imagine, if you are seeking safety, the gift of accelerated healing, if you wonder what can you do when you are not in control, or how to trust your body again or how to support your body when it hurts. Register here

 Nourish your Soul a 21 Days Holistic Program

This program combines Functional Nutrition, BSP, TCM, Creative Journaling and Somatic Movement. If you feel tired, stressed, or you want to resolve burnout, or mindset issues or just want to improve your lifestyle and self care strategies  or/and want to start new healthy habits, this is for you. The 21 days nourish your soul it is an invitation to self care, and to bring more
playfulness and color into your life.
Each participant gets a booklet with materials to use during the 21 days, an action plan, an email every day with nourishment for the mind/soul/body. The program includes 4 live zoom calls If you can’t attend live a recording can be send to you.  When you register you can choose the additional option  to have an initial 1:1 coaching session and a personalized plan.
Please contact me if you want to be added to the waiting list.

Create and Live a Life that you Love – 28 days Program 

Leave for a month and finally take time for your LIFE, create your life, and connect to your dreams. What is your level of joy and where does joy come from in your life, what brings you joy? Joy is defined very often as  ” a feeling of great happiness”, but at the same time so different from happiness “Joy is a stronger, deeper, long lasting, feeling than happiness, an attitude that is independent of circumstance, based on what you know and not what is happening, that can be present despite things going wrong, is constant, of unlimited duration, it is a spiritual force that  must be discovered/learning”/the Greek noun which describes a feeling of inner gladness, delight or rejoicing. What if you could Create your Life and live your Dreams, find Clarity and Purpose and finally share your gifts with the world from a place of flow and peace?  Join this 21 days program to learn how you choose joy, step into your power and live your full potential.

Brain RENEW – Program for ADHD/ADD

This 90 days coaching programs for anyone that wants to find clarity and focus, increase awareness and peroneal growth but especially for you if you have ADHD or ADD symptoms. Rewrite and reprogram your brain, eliminate limiting beliefs and create a mindset that brings clarity and freedom to do more of what you love. Find hope and healing by disrupting negative beliefs and self – limiting thinking patterns, improve your Time-management, Organizational skills, Emotional regulation, Planning, and Focus to finally leave a mindful and purposeful life. This program is conceived from a strength based approach that focuses on supporting clients with ADHD or ADD thrive

Brain/Body Based Restoration and Breath Work

This 9 weeks 3 RH – Release, Relax, Rest and Heal program it is a brain/body based restoration and breath work program that incorporates body based stress reduction and self-care practices allowing to relax the body, to calm the nervous system and release tension from the fascia, the voluntary and non-voluntary muscles, by using gentile movements and stretches. It is indicated for people struggling with anxiety, stress, sleep issues, body tension and pain.
Please email me if you are interested to be on the waiting list. Thank you.
Please note this program can also be offered individually to clients who want a personalized coaching experience.

Brain Empowering Weight Loss

Do you want to gain control over emotional eating, heal your overeating and loss weight, heal your relationship with food, then join me in this 6 weeks program. Losing weight and successfully maintaining it over time is about the foods you eat but also about what happens in your brain.

Emotional Detox Program

If you notice the fallowing symptoms you might need an emotional detox: repeated thoughts, fears, worries, thinking in a worse case scenario mode, stress eating, nervousness, business and difficult being in the present moment, you are always in the thinking Self instead of the observing Self, lack of purpose, feeling stuck or hard to create meaningful connections with self and others, poor sleep, low energy and foggy brain, chronic tensions in the body (neck, shoulder, hips). What if you could leave your best life and release those emotional burdens, cleanse, clear out emotions that are stagnant and stuck with you? Join this 90 days emotional detox program now.

NeuroCalm Mindfulness and Somatic Movement Integration

This program is about strategies and techniques that can hep you calm the nervous system and release worry in the body or the body arousal and in the brain or the cognitive worry. Join this 21 days program now.

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Dr. Tatu offers other personalized treatment. In the assessment intake session, you will have the possibility to choose the program that best suits your needs.