Our clinic offers professional and confidential services in French and English for adults, children, youth, couples, families, groups and organizations. 


    • Addictions and trauma Informed therapy
    • Career counselling 
    • Child Psychotherapy
    • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy – CBT  and Dialectical Behavior Therapy – DBT
    • Couple and Family Therapy
    • Life coaching
    • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction – MBSR and Mindfulness Self-Compassion- MSC
    • NeuroTherapy and Brain Body Based Relational Therapy
    • Nutritional and Integrative interventions for Mental Health
    • Expressive Art Therapy
    • Organizational and Health  Psychology
    • Trainings, Critical Incident Interventions and Systemic Group Therapy

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If  you want to  

  • enhance creativity/performance and overcome performance anxiety
  • heal trauma and support your mind-body-heart-spirit
  • cope with grief and loss, reduce stress and build resiliency, develop secure attachment 
  • lose weight, brake free from eating issues, alcohol and substance dependency
  • navigate uncomfortable emotions and heal emotional wounds
  • build healthy boundaries and healthy relationships
  • heal from chronic pain or physical health conditions such as autoimmune and chronic conditions, physical and sports injuries, surgeries
  • restore peace, harmony and balance between personal and professional life
  • become who you really are – wonderfully made YOU
  • manage change, explore lifelong career development and establish career directions
  • connect to internal resources, talents and life skills.
  • manage and accompany organizational change

If you are struggling  with 

Accidents, Anxiety, Anger, Addictions, ADHD, Depression, OCD, StressPTSD, Developmental and Attachment Trauma, Sleep issues, Sport performance challenges, Chronic illnesses, Life-transitions, Relationship issues and beliefs which have a negative impact on your life. etc. 

If you are hoping to find Rapid Healing with Lasting Results

Contact us today, we offer evidence and research based interventions, in Whitehorse and surrounding areas.

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What clients say…


“I woke up feeling like a new person – lighter, happier, freer than I’ve been in a long time. I had some great realizations after our brainspotting session yesterday – I feel like that processing helped put all of the puzzle pieces together. Thanks so much.”

“After one session with Dr. Tatu, I feel happier and more centered.”

“I feel more confident to cope with my worry thoughts and with my emotions in general. I feel calm, relaxed and grateful, these 2 sessions were so helpful, thank you so so much. “

After one session with Dr. Tatu, my sleep improved.”

“Avant de commencer le counselling avec Dr. Tatu c’était comme si je charriais un sac de pierres et maintenant je l’ai relâché. J’ai la joie de vivre, j’ai moins de tension dans mon corps, avant j’étais dans l’anxiété et l’insécurité, maintenant j’ai moins de rumination et j’ai plus de facilitate a revenir dans le moment présent.”

“I was a bucket of tears when I started working with Dr. Tatu and now, after seven sessions, I am full of smiles. Thank you so much.”