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Are you ready to take ownership of your life, your health and your business?

Do you feel stuck, do you struggle with  uncomfortable physical or emotional pain?

Do  you feel lost, do you wonder what is your purpose and what motivates you? Do you want to discover and reconnect to your deeper authentic Self and discoverer your core gifts?

Is there something personal, creative, spiritual you would like to expand or grow into or to achieve or create?

Are you looking to release and heal a physical or psychological injury?

Or maybe you want to understand and process your dreams?

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Welcome! We are so happy you are here!

In our Holistic Wellness Clinic, we have the honor to accompany our clients on their transformational journey to feel empowered, confident, accomplished and healthy. We offer services in English, French and Romanian to adults, youth, couples, children and families, groups and organizations. We use a goal oriented measurable plan to support our clients.

What if you could find clarity, flow, freedom from those uncomfortable experiences, expand into possibilities and reconnect with your inner wisdom, your true calling and purpose in your LIFE. What if you can finally find true healing with lasting results

We support our clients in four main areas:


  • Physical and NeuroBological – Concussions, Sports and Brain injuries, Physical Injuries, Chronic Pain and Autoimmune Diseases, Cellular level stress danger response, Pre surgery preparation, Post Surgery Recovery, Feeling Happy and Pain Free, Mood Related Chronic Inflammation and Food Sensitivities, Physiological Stress Imprint in the Body, Chronic Sleep Issues

  • Psychological – Medical Trauma, Birth Trauma, Betrayal, Grief, Inner Child Healing, Depression, Anxiety, Attachment, Addictions, Cross cultural identity, How to create safety in the body and in your world, Food related issues like overeating and weight loss, Chronic Insomnia, Generational Trauma, PTSD, ADHD, OCD, Autism, developmental and attachment trauma, Dream Processing

  • Coaching for Personal and Professional Growth – business coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, life transitions, sleep issues, limiting beliefs, money scripts and financial wellness, stability and financial scarcity, finding your purpose and passions, or what do you want to do with the rest of your life, relationship issues and limiting beliefs beliefs 

  • Training and Clinical Consultations 

We use innovative methods of treatment, evidence and research based interventions with a focus on integrative healing of mind, body, heart and spirit. This will allow our clients to address the core of what is blocking them from achieving their goals and living their life to the full.

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Gratitude – What clients say…


“I was really disperate and hopeless when I started seeing Dr. Tatu. I could not sleep, there were 3 days that I could not sleep when I saw Dr. Tatu. After two sessions with her I felt much better, I could sleep and  I felt more balanced.”

“When I started working with Ofelia I was struggling with anxiety, depression, sleep issues and constipation. Now my sleep is amazing, I never have to worry about falling asleep I fall asleep in 15 min. And after the work we did around the birth trauma of my baby, I feel good in my body and my body feels good, I am not constipated anymore, and what is crazy I have noticed that now I am really absorbing the vitamins and supplements I am taking while before they were not doing anything. I don’t get sick as often, my immune system is much better, my weight is super stable, my blood sugar is balanced and I don’t have any sugar cravings anymore” 

“I consulted with Dr. Tatu as  I had a hard time saying no, setting boundaries or  taking my breaks at work, I was on the verge of  burnout-out. But now I feel much better, I feel empowered and confident, I am able to take my breaks and I feel proud of myself”

‘When I started working with Dr. Tatu I felt stuck, anxious and overwhelmed, now after just two  sessions I feel more capable,  I don’t feel stuck, I feel confident, happy and I have more more joy, I feel less conflicted about everything, the what ifs are gone, I say no so easy”

” I feel whole again, I feel healthier than before” 

“My specialist said that in 40 years of being a cardiologist he has never seen something like this, once she starts someone on this medication she has never taken someone off this medication, but my ECG was normal before Christmas, Now my heart is normal, I don’t need the medication anymore, my doctor took me off the medication and it is because of the work we did around  healing my heart”

“My sleep is so well lately, I can fall asleep in 15 minutes while before we started working it would take me hours to fall asleep.

” I feel so peaceful now, thank you. I feel calm and grounded, while before I felt so anxious and several parts of my body were in pain. 

“My sleep improved so much, from 15/20 min of REM sleep at the beginning of our work now I get 2/3 hours of REM sleep sometimes even 4 hours of REM. And  for my deep sleep I get 3 hours of deep sleep per night. I fell super rested. At the beginning I was only sleeping 2/3 hours per night in total, now I sleep 7.5 hours, and I feel rested. I am more aware of my food and after the 21 days nourish your soul program I did with you I am making healthy choices in my food and having more fun and being more creative in my meal prep.”

“Je me sens enrobe de paix”

“I feel much better, I have less ruminating thoughts, I feel more present and I make better decisions. I slept better after our session. “

“Dr. Tatu,  one session of therapy with you changed my life. Thank you so much.”


“There has been a huge shift in my life since we started working together. I have so much focus and clarity, my life is falling into place, anxiety and depression are now like a closet in the house and once in a while the door opens and I can close the door but I don’t feel like at the beginning when all my house was taken over by anxiety and depression.”


“My sleep has improved, I don’t have insomnia anymore and now I can trust that things are getting better while before, I was telling myself that things will never get better. I can fall asleep now in 15/20 minutes. I can be in silence now as all the chatter in my brain has calmed down “


“I consulted with Dr. T because of my addiction to alcohol and in one session with her I got more than in six  sessions with the counsellor I was seeing before.” 

“I woke up feeling like a new person – lighter, happier, freer than I’ve been in a long time. I had some great realizations after our brainspotting session yesterday – I feel like that processing helped put all of the puzzle pieces together. Thanks so much.”

“After one session with Dr. Tatu, I feel happier and more centered.”

“I feel more confident to cope with my worry thoughts and with my emotions in general. I feel calm, relaxed and grateful, these 2 sessions were so helpful, thank you so so much. “

After one session with Dr. Tatu, my sleep improved.”

“Avant de commencer le counselling avec Dr. Tatu c’était comme si je charriais un sac de pierres et maintenant je l’ai relâché. J’ai la joie de vivre, j’ai moins de tension dans mon corps, avant j’étais dans l’anxiété et l’insécurité, maintenant j’ai moins de rumination et j’ai plus de facilité à revenir dans le moment présent.”

“I was a bucket of tears when I started working with Dr. Tatu and now, after 7 sessions, I am full of smiles. Thank you so much.”

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